About Us


Kavell Civil Engineering was founded by Dean Vaughan and Phil Knight over a decade ago.  With their respective backgrounds in civil engineering and construction, they believed that they could provide a better, more comprehensive groundwork/civil engineering service to clients across the South of England.

With a wealth of experience, they continue to thrive and expand, supported by a knowledgeable team in the office and a dedicated, hard-working and skilled workforce.  Kavell aim to provide its clientele with an efficient and high-quality groundworks and civil engineering service.

Over the past decade Kavell have invested in a modern fleet of vehicles and has an extensive range of plant and equipment, affording us the flexibility and scope to work on a diverse range of construction projects at numerous locations simultaneously.

Experienced in the practicalities of the construction industry, the team understand the benefit of foresight and appreciate with better planning and organisation unnecessary delays and setbacks can be avoided where possible.